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contemporary abstract art and not only

I'm an italian visual artist making great art, i love sculpture, painting, drawing and other media. I was born and i am living in Trieste - Italy. I create contemporary abstract art but not only... I am amazed by abstract and surreal art, I try to transform the material (painting, sculpture, or other..) in something that touch the soul and the heart. I like also to mix tradition and innovation tecnology, in this sense I am an augmented reality enthusiast. In this last period I paint abstract art with acrilyc colours, but in the past i did also a lot of oil paintings. Painting and sculpture are for me fields that intersects each other,i like the idea that ancient greeks artists painted them sculptures, for me colour is life, and it's natural to paint them. I am not so rigid i did in the past marble sculpture and bronze sculpture with a traditional approach. I also did video and performance related to climbing and ascension theme, mixing abstract art and a performative approach. I invite you to visit my web page and if you are interested to visit my online art shop at artmajeur.

Walter Perdan contemporary art - on line art shop

Walter Perdan - on line art shop

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